A Kitchen Tile Backsplash adds Drama

Add drama to your kitchen walls with a functional tile backsplash over your countertop, sink or cooktop. Basic requirements are materials that are easily washable and (if over the cooktop) that can take some heat. That leaves many decorative alternatives.

While a border of matching granite can be used immediately above a granite countertop, instead of that granite border (or above the granite border) you can cover the wall under cabinets with colorful kitchen wall tiles that will complement your countertop.

Over the range

A full-height wall over the range can be covered with a decorative backsplash. A backsplash over a range, especially one that includes a painted mural, will become the focal point of the kitchen.

Here are some popular choices of materials. But keep in mind that any washable, heat-resistant material will do fine if it will adhere to the wall with thinset tile adhesive.

Ceramic tile backsplashes

Kitchen backsplash Thousands of designs are available in a range of prices in ceramic tile including traditional European designs, basketweaves, bricks and florals. Tiles of more than one color can be interspersed in a cheery design, more fanciful than they would be used on a bathroom wall. Bright colors, earth tones, neutral colors, diagonals, medallions…use your imagination.

For original tile designs, see California designer  Jeffrey Court.

Metal backsplashes

Metal sheets with patterns and tiles made of aluminum, tin, copper, gunmetal and stainless steel will add pazzazz to your kitchen.

Glass mosaic backsplashes

Dramatic colored-glass mosaic tiles are available in 12”-square sheets from several sources.

Stone and shell tiles

Tumbled and polished slate, sandstone, pebbles and several other stones are available from this large collection and other sources.

Marble mosaic backsplashes

Large marble tiles can be cut and random pieces turned 90 degrees.

Backsplash tile designs are limited only by your imagination and your pocketbook.

Check out more remodeling design choices that will help you decide how your dream kitchen will look, so you will get the most benefit from your kitchen renovation. See articles on  flooring, cabinets, countertops, walls and window treatments, lighting, and appliances. Use your imagination. Read up on color combinations. If you need more help with your design, why not seek the advice of a local kitchen designer?

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