Home Staging: How to Make a Huge Room Feel Cozy

Cozy and comfortable are what buyers want in a house. But they also want lots of space. Houses over 4500 square feet, which became popular a few years ago, generally have large rooms. These can be a challenge for a homeowner to decorate and, once decorated, an even greater challenge to make look cozy to a potential buyer.

The big challenge of a Great Room

Perhaps the biggest challenge is a very large Great Room. It is very difficult to connect emotionally with a huge room. How does one make it intimate while keeping it looking grand?

Some homeowners have chosen to fill their Great Room with large-sized furniture, such as an overstuffed sofa and loveseat or a large sectional, theater chairs, an oversized dining room set, and so forth. Because large pieces must be placed further apart than what would be considered intimate, this design strategy will help take up the space but will not make the room feel cozy. Staging a room decorated in this way will require removing furniture and either substituting normal-sized furniture or leaving fewer pieces.

A better way to decorate a large room

There is a better way to decorate a huge space than with oversized furniture, and a stager will go for this look. That is to divide the large space into smaller sections, each with its own clear purpose. This can be done by function. Create an eating area, TV watching area, reading area and so forth, as appropriate, defining each section with its furniture or with area rugs.

A professional home stager would arrange the main pieces of furniture to be functional in each area. For example, in a seating area, he would place them close enough together to promote conversation. This will make each area look cozy and comfortable, while keeping the room looking grand.

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