Philips Halogena Light Bulbs Replace Incandescents: Review


With the phase-out of 100-watt incandescent light bulbs well underway in the U.S., saving energy does not mean that you are restricted to a curlicue CFL or a $40 LED light bulb when replacing a burned out standard incandescent. Thanks to innovative ways that manufacturers have found to use tungsten-halogen lamps inside a light-bulb shaped luminaire, you can save energy and still achieve the brightness, light color, light spread, convenience, and general comfort you want in lighting your home’s interior spaces.

One such innovation is the Halogená® range of light bulbs from Philips, available in several bulb shapes including A types for lamps, and reflector floods. These have medium screw-in bases and fit standard fixtures. Decorative bulbs with candelabra bases are also available.

Available Shapes

Halogená Energy Advantage light bulbs for lamps and ceiling mounted fixtures include replacements for the following standard A19 incandescents with a somewhat square-shaped A-type bulb. (Note that lumens is a measure of a bulb’s brightness, while watts is a measure of the power used by the bulb).

Old incandescent Lumens Halogená T60 bulbs
100 watt                1600                70 watt
75 watt                  1100                50 watt
60 watt                   800                 40 watt

Halogená reflector floodlight bulbs are available in R20, BR30 and BR40 shapes. There is also a 53-watt daylight bulb (830 lumens) available in a standard A19 shape.

Characteristics of Philips Halogen Light Bulbs

What these halogen bulbs have in common are instant-on, warm color-temperature (2900K, except for the daylight bulb), no mercury, no flickering, and about 30% energy savings compared to the incandescent bulbs they replace. They also work smoothly with dimmers down to a glow and can be mounted in any position.

Their rated life is 3000 hours (1250 hours for the daylight bulb), which is 4 times the rated life of a standard incandescent. Their color rendering index value is 100.

Review and Recommendation

Philips Halogená Energy Advantage light bulbs are superior to CFL’s for ambient home lighting and for reading. Their light is comfortable, clear and bright.

They work in all positions, with dimmers, and in recessed fixtures where CFL’s do not. They come on instantly with no flickering, and they contain no mercury. Unlike CFL’s, they maintain their initial brightness through their rated life.

However, they are not cool to the touch like CFLs and LEDs or as energy efficent, though they meet the efficacy requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. That means they are legal in California.

With a cost of about $6 – 9 a bulb, they avoid the sticker shock common with LED light bulbs.

Rather than compromise on your lighting with CFL’s, try a few of these new Philips Halogená light bulbs and achieve a 30% energy savings.

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